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coaching sessions rates

The coaching sessions are carried out individually, either in the office or by videoconferencing.

The duration of a session is generally one hour to an hour and a half, depending on the subject and the time you have at your disposal.

The first contact and description of the issue, usually about half an hour, is free without obligation if this is what your wish.

The number of sessions for a given theme is defined at the first meeting by mutual agreement. If new themes arise during the sessions, we will analyze them together and decide whether to adapt the number of sessions or not.

It is possible to interrupt the coaching sessions at any time, either because the goal is reached faster than expected, or because you simply do not wish to carry on.

Travel and other expenses are billed separately and subject to prior approval. Appointments not held and not cancelled 48 hours in advance will unfortunately be charged …

Personal coaching rates

Personal coaching are session paid personally by the coachee, as opposed to sessions paid by a company or organization.

It can be about life coaching – taking up a challenge, managing emotions, speaking in public, finding a balance between private and professional life, … – as well as coaching for professional reasons – acquiring new skills, manage conflicts, actual job motivation or change jobs, improve performance, …

Professional coaching rates

Professional coaching refers to sessions paid for by a company or an organization.

In this case the employer is generally involved in the coaching process, as the objectives, as well as the results obtained, are discussed with him, in the presence of the coachee and with his collaboration.

The sessions can take place within the company, but it is however advisable, for mental preparation reasons, that coachees attend one of our coaching practices. This gives coachees time to clear their mind from various business problems “clogging” and switch from “fight” mode to “listening to oneself” mode.

Topics generally cover work-related aspects – new skills acquisition, job motivation, conflict management, preparation for a promotion, stress management – but not necessarily – work-life balance, expatriation process management within the family, …

Student coaching rates

As its name suggests, “students” rate is about sessions paid by the student himself, upon presentation of a proof of registration.

All topics can be covered, whether related to education – exam preparation, motivation, first job – or not – expatriation, social integration, public speaking, student life, …

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