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The confidentiality of the information provided to us is an integral part of the certified coaching profession code of ethics.

We do not give or sell any information you submit to us, either through our contact form or, of course, during coaching sessions.

The only information collected through our website is that which you may provide to us using our contact form.

We use social network buttons that respect the protection of your personal data (Shariff project). No information is collected during the consultation of our blogs. When you click on a social sharing button, you activate the connection to the social network in question and you therefore accept the privacy policies specific to these social networks. More information on webtracking: Wikipedia and on the Shariff Project: Shariff Project (DE).

 We use Google Analytics services only to obtain traffic statistics about the use of our pages.

Feel free to contact us via our contact form for any further information.

Coach in Lausanne and internationaly by Internet. Pricay policy about your private information.
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