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Personal development coach
Life coaching is a process boosting the awareness of your development potential. It is literally about un-covering” the solutions you carry within you, often hidden by fears and limiting beliefs, which prevent your full development. Rather than focusing on analyzing the “why” of the problem, life coaching will focus on the “how” to achieve your goal. It is not to be confused with sometimes complementary activities, such as a psychotherapy – rather focused on “why” – or with advising (mentoring, consulting), where the practitioner has the role of an expert. The goal is to strengthen the autonomy, and therefore the creativity of the individual, by supporting their own abilities to experience the field of possibilities.

Believe in your dreams and they may come true. Believe in yourself and they will come true. – Martin Luther King

Of course, you . . .

coach timidity  do not have any problem with your social lifebut in some instances you avoid some undesirable certain situations

speaking in public coach  are generally self confidentbut speaking in public is not your cup of tea

coach personal challenges  love challengesbut here right now you really lack inspiration

addiction coach  are a self-willed personand yet you have a “little” difficulty getting rid of an addiction

fitness coach  are healthybut you do not know how to motivate yourself to be more fit

emotion regulation coach  perfectly know how to control yourselfbut sometimes you let go

parent-child relationship coach  are a fantastic parent, totally at ease with your adorable teens, whom you understand and master perfectly… but you wonder how you could further improve communication

student exams coach  are a really hard-working studentbut you’re wondering how to succeed your next exams

Hiring a personal development coach, or a life coach,
ensures an enlightened and professional coaching to :

  • regain self-confience
  • get rid of some addictions related to smoking, weight or health
  • regulate emotions
  • speak up in public
  • prepare college exams
  • manage crisis situations or social, family or professional anxieties
  • find a balance between work and private life
  • live your dreams
  • . . .
life coaching benefits

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