Expatriation & Interculturality

Multicultural environments integration support, in Switzerland and abroad


    • 4 national languages, 4 cultures…

    • 14’000 Swiss multinationals companies hold a majority stake abroad, most of their employees are based abroad …

    • More than 12,000 foreign multinationals employ nearly 500,000 people in Switzerland…

    • 11% of Swiss live abroad…

This is to say the imprint of multiculturalism in Switzerland, both in the professional and private sphere, as well as the importance of a successful expatriation.

expatriation and cross-cultural support in Lausanne and over Internet

Ask some more experienced colleagues what they would do differently today, if they were to accept a global position again …

It is very likely that they will answer that they would take more time to understand the local market and culture.

You :

  • are an expatriate – or you are preparing for an expatriation

  • lead – or are led by – people from different cultures

  • integrate employees – or you are integrated – in a structure with a different corporate culture

  • are often in contact with different cultures, to negotiate, to subcontract

  • are part of – or you have to integrate members from – minority communities

  • . . .

Cultural Opportunities :

successful expatriation the success of the expatriation process conflicts resolution opportunities conflicts resolution   intercultural emotion expression emotions expression   intercultural ways of thinking the way of thinking    intercultural hierarchical distance the hierarchical distance   efficient communication efficient communication   efficient negotiation efficient negotiation / project presentation   conducting intercultural meetings organizing and conducting meetings   cross-cultural team management cross-cultural team management   Cross-cultural enrichment cross-cultural enrichment . . .

Cross-cultural ? Multicultural ? Culture ?

If I had to give a definition of Culture, here is the one I would prefer: In a social group, set of characteristic signs of someone’s behavior (language, gestures, clothes, etc.) that differentiate him from someone belonging to an other social group. This includes, and not exclusively, the culture of a country or an ethnic group, the corporate culture, and the culture of distinctive, sometimes marginalized minorities such as, for example, the LGBT + community.

Collaborating effectively with other cultures and succeeding in expatriation implies real challenges.

It is about realizing the differences, expanding one’s understanding of the world, bridging cultural gaps and ensuring the success of intercultural collaboration in a multicultural society. It is an individual process of thoughts, development and change.

Cross-cultural coaching offers the opportunity to transform these cultural specificities into assets and opportunities.

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