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Coach… a Neuron Shaker

It is said that cats have 9 lives. I have not reached this number yet – and I am not a cat – but I have had the chance to change my life several times. Most often by choice, sometimes constrained, but I am always making the most out of these opportunities.

Every change, every upheaval, is a unique opportunity to challenge one’s habits, to get rid of the superfluous, to explore new horizons, to meet people, to learn, to experiment and to discover oneself.

Andreas Merényi expatriation and change management coach

Growing up in a multicultural family environment, I had the opportunity to travel a lot from my youngest age, both professionally and privately, had the chance to choose the various trades that I have always practiced with passion and it is very naturally that I turned to cross-cultural coaching.

Listening to people, their aspirations and dreams, their fears and their confusion, helping them achieve their ambitions, their desire for personal development and for discovering the selves is what I enjoy in my job as a coach.

Neuron stirrer, that’s how I would define my role as a coach  🙂


  respect for difference
  mutual enrichment


  cross-cultural coaching
  professional coaching
  personal development
  crisis management


Dense and varied Intercultural and intergenerational experience, both in professional and personal areas :

A Master in Economics (MSc) in 1982 : to understand the workings of the business world

A master’s degree in Law (MLaw) in 2018, specializing in computer crime and economic intelligence: to confront new societal realities and connect to the emerging generation of future leaders

20 years management at major international institutions and abroad : to discover, grow and help grow, enjoy and share

15 years entrepreneurship in Switzerland and abroad : to explore other paradigms of life

Certified Coach, the synthesis : to participate in the development of individuals and companies, in line with their mutual objectives and in respect of their values. Member of the ICF (International Coach Federation), currently being ACC accredited (Associate Certified Coach).

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Coach in Lausanne, Switzerland & over the Internet. Intercultural expatriation coaching. Change management, corporate culture and personal development coach. Professional certified coach.
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