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Professional challenges are countless and complex : change of management, transfers, fusion, acquisition of new competences, globalization, new technologies, confrontation with the new generation, team motivations …

Adaptability, flexibility, mobility, agility … : all are key elements in today’s world.

Performances, objectives, results, optimization, efficiency … : all terms that we often experience as managerial pressures and which can, in extreme cases, lead to burnout syndrome.

However, life has already led us to make choices, adapt to new situations and pursue private and professional goals. And we have generally done very well. This is what determines our evolution.

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So what is different when it comes to a business ?

How can we go about integrating these rules

How far are we willing to go? ?

What are our deep motivations ?

What do we need in return to satisfy our needs or our ego ?

Stakes are high for any company, and especially for a startup. An executive leaving his company represents a certain financial cost, a loss of knowledge and know-how.

But what are the financial, human and competitive costs of keeping a stressed and unmotivated executive in his postion ?

Offering coaching sessions allows the company to motivate its employees by promoting the full development of their potential, for their mutual benefit, while giving a chance to optimize the investments already made for trained employees.

A business coach will help you define how you can :

  • manage conflicts and collaborate effectively with your teams and management
  • motivate yourself in your position or position… and track down what does not motivate you
  • succeed in the challenges you have chosen to meet/li>
  • develop the skills you still want to acquire
  • manage stress and its circumstances, set priorities and develop self-confidence
  • rebalance your professional life with your private life
  • become aware of the scope of the position you hold
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Those who have cautiously done no more than they believed possible have never taken a single step forward.
Mikhaïl Bakunin

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